About Page’s Okra Grill

From Our Family To Yours

A Letter To Our Guests

To Our Guest,

Page’s Okra Grill was established by the Page Family in 2006. Our intent is to provide the best tasting, best value Southern food in the Charleston area. Equally important, we want you to enjoy dining with us. We do the following to ensure this:

We buy the best quality groceries and work hard to prepare them correctly

Our Beef. We buy the best quality Angus Beef available, always fresh , never frozen. Our Rib-eyes are whole loins broken down and trimmed in house. We want your burger (not really a burger, we trim and grind whole chuck roast daily) we do this to ensure that our customers get the safest best tasting burger possible. We also use this same fresh ground Chuck for our hamburger steaks. Our Country Fried Steak is trimmed top round that we cut and tenderize in house.

Our pork and beef BBQ are both cooked on premise. Hickory is our preferred wood for smoking and all of our BBQ is cooked low and slow to provide you a great tasting product.



Our Seafood. Almost everyone advertises fresh local seafood. Does that mean fresh never frozen? Where is local? Was it caught in Charleston Harbor or is it local to an ocean on planet Earth? FYI we serve fresh local (harvested within fifty miles of our restaurant) when available: shrimp, clams and oysters. Our catch of the day is typically a fresh fish that comes from our distributor, almost always a species that is indigenous to the North American Atlantic Ocean. We avoid all seafood from suspect suppliers. When we serve catfish, we buy farm raised product from Alabama or Mississippi. We work hard to provide you great tasting seafood from the safest suppliers and only sell sustainable species, always at reasonable prices.

Produce. Our first concern is freshness and taste. Second, we look to buy whatever is grown locally and in season usually this is going to provide you the best taste and greatest value.

If you have read this far, we hope that you infer that we care. We want you to feel welcome and to be satisfied with both the quality and the price paid for your meal. Thanks for choosing to dine with us. If we do our jobs correctly we will hope to see you and your friends again soon.

Sincerely Yours,

Ashleigh, Courtney, & Chase Page

PS: Our lead chef is Ashleigh Page. Ashleigh has inspired most of our menu and all of our desserts are her recipes that are baked or prepared in house. She has been featured on the Food Network and in Southern Living Magazine. If you have a catering need or want something special for your next party, please give us a call.